Help With Feeds, Facebook, etc.?

 Greet­ings all. This post is for the hive mind and social media experts.

As you may know, I’ve been hav­ing much trou­ble with Feed­Burner and other social net­work­ing sites in my attempts at repub­lish­ing. When­ever I try to burn the feed, Feed­Burner says the feed times out. How­ever, it checks out OK with a val­ida­tor and other read­ers like Google Reader have no trou­ble with it. I’m being hosted on Site­Ground and run­ning Word­Press 2.8.4. Any­one have any idea?

Also, I’m try­ing to repub­lish my feeds to Twit­ter and Face­book, but it still seems a bit of a hack. I use Feed­Word­Press to cre­ate the Break­ing News cat­e­gory. I want to tweet all the posts on the , even those cre­ated by the auto-poster and myself, but I only want my stuff to go to Face­book. To help with this, I’ve set up two RSS feeds: one for break­ing news and one for every­thing else. I pipe both feeds through Friend­Feed. This, in turn gets sent to Twit­ter while Face­book reads the non-Breaking News feed.

Con­fused yet? Yeah, so am I. In the­ory, this should all work, but I’m get­ting dupli­cate posts on Twit­ter. I’ve tried to use Twit­ter­Tools as a Word­Press plu­gin, but it doesn’t seem to update for the auto-posts.

Does any­one have any ideas on how to smooth all this out or an ele­gant solution?

UPDATE: Ok. I seem to have worked it out.

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