Happy Yom-e-Istiqlal, Pakistan

That means happy inde­pen­dence day. Sixty-three Sixty-two years ago today, Pak­istan and India sep­a­rated, lead­ing to great blood­shed and six decades of enmity between these South Asian giants. Still, the Pak­ista­nis seem pretty happy about the whole thing, and I went down with a buddy to Rawalpindi today to get some shots. The bet­ter ones are below.

Mean­while, in Balochistan:

Three bombs exploded in Pak­istan’s Balochis­tan region — one in the town of Hub and two oth­ers in the town of Mach — killing one per­son and wound­ing 18 oth­ers on Aug. 14, The Asso­ci­ated Press reported. Police offi­cials said Baloch sep­a­ratists are sus­pected of car­ry­ing out the bomb­ing attacks.

The Balochs aren’t happy about being part of Pak­istan, thanks to the colonial-style poli­cies of Islam­abad that takes Balochistan’s nat­ural resources and fun­nels back jack squat. The Balochs’ fire­works on Inde­pen­dence Day are deadly.

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